Let's Help Kids

(Some names withheld to maintain privacy.)

JUNE 2017

I would like to thank you for getting the bike for XXXXX. He was so happy with a big smile on his face and his mother was so thankful. It was very special for him and his teachers were all so happy as well. We wanted to surprise him and wanted to make sure the bike was assembled right away. The staff helped each other at school and assembled the bike. We brought him in the office to see his bike. He could not believe it. He wore his helmet and we took a picture and video for mom. One of our teachers with a truck offered to help me take the bike to his home. Over the weekend, his mom sent me more pictures that they took of him with the bike and a very nice thank you note. Thanks again for your help.

Social Worker

Annandale Terrace Elementary School
(recipients of bike helmets for the summer break)

APRIL 2017

MARCH 2017


I wanted to give you an update on the kid that got the cake, balloon, Batman Legos, and Pokemon cards. He was so happy and wouldn’t stop hugging me. I explained to him that you guys got it for him and he kept saying “thank them!” He built his legos with his four brother and sisters. They all ate the cake the same day, the cake was delicious per client report. Again, thank you for what you guys do, it really puts a smile on my families faces.

Social Worker
Shelter House


Thank you for the amazing donation of Halloween costumes for children at our Shelter! It was very special for the children to have the opportunity to choose what character they would be. Dressing up and going trick-or-treating with their friends was extra special for children who are dealing with emotional, physical, and financial effects of domestic violence. We’re very grateful to you helping us give them the foundation for safer, happier, and more productive lives.

Executive Director
Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter





JULY 2016

Thank you drawings from two children who attended cooking camp this summer.




JUNE 2016



I am so incredibly grateful to you and your organization.  I told the mother what you will be sending and she was so overwhelmed, grateful, and extremely excited!  I wish you could have seen her reaction.  This will mean so much to the girls!  Thank you so much!  Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you and your organization.

Social Worker
Shelter House


Thank you for your generosity with the students and families in the school by providing payments for summer camps. The students and families really appreciate the opportunity to attend these fun summer activities that the would not be able to attend without your help. These kinds of worthwhile programs help make the summer special for kids in need.

Principal, Elementary School
Loudoun County Public Schools


I received the Cobb gift cards for the other two families today in the mail, truly appreciate all of this generosity. These are all children who normally have to do without while they hear their classmates talk about fun outings and treats. I wish you could be there to see their faces light up when they hear about the fun they’ll be having this summer.

School Counselor
Loudoun County Public Schools


I believe there are now some very happy campers and their Mom’s. I know the Moms are very thankful for what you are doing. These are kids that need happiness in their lives. It’s dollars to us but you are providing a major positive life experience for the camper.

School Counselor
Loudoun County Public Schools

MAY 2016

I am SO very grateful to you and your organization for the donation that will allow my student to attend summer music camp. This is a very special student who has experienced many hardships in her young life. She has a beautiful voice and much potential. Attending the camp will help her so much. Thank you once again!!

Chorus Teacher
Arlington County Public Schools


I had the pleasure of delivering [name removed]’s bike to her on Fri. afternoon. You have never seen a bigger smile on a little girl! Thank you for helping to make her summer a lot more fun!

Social Worker
Loudoun County Public Schools


Thank you! SO nice to know our students in need will be at camps rather than at home without activities.

Social Worker
Fairfax County Public Schools

JUNE 2015

Dear Let’s Help Kids,
I work with a family whose rising 5th grader has been begging her mother for after school and summer fun and enrichment opportunities. Her family has trouble making ends meet and her father is in jail. I worked with her mom on submitting the application for a band camp for her daughter this summer. After having been told that financial help was available to this student to cover the cost of camp, the camp director apologetically informed me that unfortunately, financial assistance was not available due to budget issues. My heart fell. The school had already secured an instrument for her to use during band camp. Camp was only days away.

I reached out by e-mail to you and within 20 minutes, I received a response. Twenty minutes! Not only a response, but a “YES” to being able to cover this cost! When I contacted the student’s mother, she was beyond grateful. She has been dealing with a myriad of stressors and we had partnered for all the action steps up to this point.

I can’t thank you enough for your responsiveness and stewardship as you meet the needs of children who need some extra assistance. I followed up with this student’s mother today. Band camp started this week and the student is absolutely loving it. And for my student’s mom? She now knows that there are angels who make dreams come true.

Most sincerely,
FCPS Social Worker

MAY 2015

Dear Let’s Help Kids,

I do not know how much I can express how thankful I am for you and your organization. After learning the cost of the DECA National’s trip, I knew I would not be able to attend. Earlier this year my family and I lost our home to a foreclosure and money has been extremely tight. We had a hard couple of months. Everything started to turn around once the fantastic Social Worker at my school told me that she found someone to pay the trip’s expenses. I cannot express how happy I was, but let’s just say I was the happiest person on this planet! She furthermore shared that you guys were not only just paying for my trip, but also helping me to pay for my business wear to wear to all the competitions and events. That was jaw dropping, over the moon, awesome! All of my stress and worries were gone in those exact moments.

Thanks to you I was able to go to Florida, for the first time, and represent my school’s DECA club at Nationals. I had so much fun, and was able to meet people from all around the world. I experienced Disney World for the first time, and showed off my Travel and Tourism marketing knowledge to the judges that I studied so hard for. Unfortunately, I did not qualify, but me being there, felt like I had already won. I am so grateful for you helping me feel like a winner. As I write this letter to you, I cry the most happiest tears of joy and I will never forget what you did for me.

Thank you so much,
FCPS Student




MAY 2014