Let's Help Kids

Vote for Kids

This Tuesday is election day. Let’s Help Kids is a non-partisan organization. But we vote. We vote for kids.

We urge you to exercise your rights as a US citizen to be heard, to be counted, to express your opinion. We also ask that you vote with an eye not on the hate mongering, bickering, sense of frustration that so many people on both sides of the political arena feel. We ask that you vote for the future of children.

Our organization, like our political system, is two-sided. On one side is our mission to provide non-basic items to brighten and normalize the lives of children. Our larger mission is to teach children how to make a positive impact in their communities, whether it is through raising money for the less fortunate, raising awareness of issues they care about, or volunteering.

Children who are encouraged to have a sense of community and responsibility become productive adults — good citizens. And good citizens vote.

If you have a child under the age of 18 in your home, consider taking them with you to the polls. Let them read the ballot and watch you vote. The hardest part of voting is waiting in line. That too can be a teachable moment as you see others in your community coming together to share in the greatest freedom we have.

The children referred to Let’s Help Kids often feel trapped by their circumstances, uncertain of their future, and voiceless.

Vote for them. Vote for their future and yours.