Let's Help Kids

Today’s Happy Camper May Be Tomorrow’s Leader

Overnight camp, day camp, sports camp, arts camp, theater camp, music camp, dance camp — all provide children with experiences that last longer than the fleeting week or two they last over the summer.

A summer camp experience, according to the American Camp Association, provides children with a chance to explore their interests, learn new skills, develop self-esteem, learn to solve conflicts, interact with both adults and peers, and unplug literally from their electronics, and psychologically from the distractions of home and school.

Children who are given the freedom and guidance to explore their world and solve problems make smarter decisions as adults. They learn to navigate the real world — their world.

It’s incredible to realize that a week of playing in the sun and laughing with a group of peers, as they are all exposed to challenging activities in a safe and nurturing environment, can build maturity and independence.

Now, take that same experience and offer it to a child who is stressed by living in a homeless shelter or being shuttered from home to home. Consider how much greater that freedom feels to a child who has accepted that paying for rent, food, heating, and medicine is the number one priority.

At Let’s Help Kids we have considered that child. Our annual fundraising gala raised enough money this year to send over 75 children to a week of camp. That’s 75 weeks of smiles, tired limbs, carefree days, new experiences, and a lifetime of memories.

To all who have contributed and shared more than a smile or two at the gala, thank you for your support.

Before the summer season kicks off, we want to send 100 children (or more) to camp. That’s only 25 more to go. Contribute $300 to LHK for a child to attend camp, and let’s add to our weeks, add to our future leaders, and make summer camp the start of something amazing.