Let's Help Kids

Spending money comes easy to young people, but taking the time to teach your children how to save and budget money is a critical life skill that will follow them into adulthood.

When Let’s help Kids founder Rachel Harris turned three, she received three piggy banks on her birthday. The pigs were labeled save, spend, and donate.

Each time she received birthday money or earned money with chores or a lemonade stand, she was encouraged to split it up between the banks.

Each time the “save” pig was full we took it to the bank to deposit it in her savings account. Each time the “donate” pig was full we talked about causes that mattered to her and she chose who to give it to. It could be animals, parks, or even individuals in need. Of course, she could choose to give to Let’s Help Kids too!

Rachel is now a teenager and she still uses her pigs.

Schools may teach children math, but the responsibility of teaching kids how to “pay yourself first,” how to give back to the community, and how to be fiscally responsible falls entirely on parents.

By sharing these essential money lessons with children, you are preparing them for their own fiscal futures.

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