Let's Help Kids


Children are born to be givers. But by the 4th grade, research shows they are socialized to think more about themselves than others. Little Loving Hands is a monthly subscription craft kit that nurtures a child’s focus on empathy and compassion.

When you sign up you get a 5% discount, and an additional portion will go to Let’s Help Kids.  More info can be found on this flyer.



Let’s Help Kids is proud to partner with a for-profit organization called The JNP Project to benefit kids.

The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) is a for-profit organization, doing well and doing good. By aligning with Let’s Help Kids, JNP can offer companies charitable tax advantages while donating JNP materials to kids in need.


The JNP Project™ (Jane NOT Plain™) is an adventure series of books nurturing inner-awesome character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+ years old. They’re having fun while strengthening their healthy self-esteem!


The adventure series of books (31 books in three series of ten, plus a prequel) consist of ten chapters each, with three alternative endings. In each book readers are challenged to earn their Pearl of Power™ in one of ten core values: TRUTH, KINDNESS, HARMONY, FORGIVENESS, GIVING, LOVE, DETERMINATION, COMPASSION, STRENGTH, and CHARACTER.

Each book’s core value theme is supported by: songs, music, parent activity kits, educator curriculum, downloadable activities for kids, and more — all to support their mission that kids will believe in, and ultimately live by: I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED.™

For details about how you can support kids through the gifting of The JNP Project materials, please contact info@letshelpkids.orgor dona@thejnpproject.com.