Let's Help Kids

One Week to Go!!

This week, Let’s Help Kids helped 10 more deserving kids go to a week of summer day camp. That’s 10 kids who will each spend 1 week playing outside, trying new activities, meeting new people, engaging with caring adults, laughing, playing, and having fun.

This week the parents of those 10 kids won’t have to worry about a daycare solution or the safety of their kids while they are at work. They will avoid a week or maybe a summer of feeling guilty for saying no to treats and trips. They will be able, for at least a week, to manage all that pent-up summer energy that can lead to trouble if it doesn’t have an outlet.

Let’s Help Kids is thankful for the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) and the Fairfax County Park Foundation (FCPF) for partnering with us again and offering reduced summer camp rates so that we can send even more kids to camp.

With only one week left to school, there is still time to send more deserving kids to camp. We sadly have more requests than we have funds but your donation, powered-up by FCPA, can change the memory of a long hot season to one of fun and hope.

Let’s Help (send kids to camp) today!