Let's Help Kids

The Let’s Help Kids education workshop series will teach kids a set of skills that will help them make a difference by building empathy, discovering their strengths, exploring what is important to them, and developing solutions that make a difference in their community. They will explore different levels of bucket filling through:

  • Daily acts of kindness
  • Seek out an existing group that they want to help
  • Creating their own project to fund and execute

The program targets 8 to 18-year-old kids in public and private schools and youth groups. The goal of the Let’s Help Kids education workshop series will be to create a generation of children who grow up feeling empathy for their peers and act to be philanthropic. Participants will be chosen from an essay submission and teacher recommendation.

This workshop series sets out to teach and inform young people on how to give — both money and other help — to charities and other causes. The workshop is designed as part of an after-school program. Each workshop will consist of 12–15 participants, a lead teacher, and 2 high school-aged students to assist.

There are 6 modules in the workshop. The first 5 modules occur consecutively over 5 weeks, followed by a one month break to give participants time to launch their initiative. During the final module, participants will present their service project and outcomes. This training will provide the following:

  • Real-world focus that helps participants explore real-world challenges and issues related to helping others
  • Problem-based learning scenarios to better spotlight the learning experience and provide reinforcement and application opportunities
  • Opportunities for practice and feedback for participants to monitor and check their understanding
  • Connections to relevant resources to give participants access to starter kit, additional information, and other resources
  • Interactivity in the form of hands-on activities to encourage attention and participation and promote deeper learning