Let's Help Kids

Let’s Help Kids is a great organization for local DC Metro companies to sponsor because your generosity stays in your community helping kids and families here in your neighborhoods. We welcome companies that want to become dream makers. Here are some great ways to help!

  • Sponsor one of our events such as the Dual Gala or Art Auction.
  • Buy a company table or two at the Dual Gala. Bring employees or clients and their kids.
  • Host a company matching fund drive for employees to help their personal donations go twice as far.
  • Invite Let’s Help Kids to speak at a corporate event.
  • Adopt a local classroom and finance our sending them a complete set of values books developed by The JNP Project.

Consider these internal programs that can create good deeds:

  • If staff organize a carpool to work, the Company donates a bike to Let’s Help Kids
  • If staff contribute to a summer food drive, the Company sponsors a week of summer camp
  • If staff donate blood, the Company sends a kid to the movies

Let your employees decide!

We’ll publicly thank you on our website and through our events and announcements.