Let's Help Kids

We believe that educating kids about how they too can fill other people’s buckets is a critical component of our work.

Bucket Brigade Clubs are an initiative to provide elementary school-aged children with educational resources and volunteer experiences that will engage them in making their community the best place it can be. We will be creating a living library/collection/resource packet of age-appropriate books, printed materials, online resources, speakers, and volunteer opportunities through partner organizations that together will provide children with the resources they need to get involved in community service. These materials would be made available through after school clubs.

  • List of age-appropriate books about helping people in need
  • List of websites dedicated to youth community service
  • Books about kids volunteering
  • List of area organizations with capacity to engage youth volunteers
  • Examples of small volunteer projects that kids can accomplish
  • Local speakers who can come and engage with the clubs on various topics. Of course our founder, Rachel, would be one of them!

The power that comes from “filling buckets” begins with spreading the idea that everyone, no matter how small, no matter how little they have to offer, can make a difference in the community.

Bucket Brigade Clubs provide a framework to schools and families to bring kids together and teach them ways that they can get involved and give back within their local communities. Clubs can raise money to support the overall organization of Let’s Help Kids, or they can make up their own project to fund and execute.

General thoughts on setting up your Club:

  • Kids meet once a week after school.
  • Parents/Teacher should provide a safe place to meet, a snack, and a general explanation of what the group is.
  • Each member of the club receives a lapel pin.
  • At the first meeting the group should watch the video of Rachel welcoming them to the Bucket Brigade.
  • Kids should decide who they want to help and how they want  to go about it.
  • Parents should support the group’s decision as much as possible, allowing the kids to drive the process.

Please take pictures and post to our facebook page about what your Club is doing as part of the Let’s Help Kids Bucket Brigade!