Let's Help Kids

A Hollywood Escape

Here’s an interesting number, the average American spent $2,842 on entertainment in 2015. That’s the most recent number available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, that number varies depending on income, age, and geographic location.

Entertainment is a common budgeting line item. Why? Because we crave the escape of movies, plays, concerts, sporting events. Name your passion and combine it with the social aspect of enjoying it with family and friends. Then add the ability to plug into groups of other people who talk about these events and experiences. Did you see the Spiderman reboot, get lost in Dunkirk? Maybe for you it was a lazy Saturday afternoon baseball game, or you caught your favorite singer at a local concert venue. Are you reliving those incredible scenes? Do they make you smile and relax or pump you up as you talk about them?

Entertainment is also viewed as a not-so-necessary line item if you have trouble filling up your car, paying for extra data usage on your phone, and an unexpected home repair. Still, most people won’t pass up a trip out to the movies because of a minor financial blip. That is unless you can’t even afford a car or a phone and making your ends meet includes finding affordable housing.

Let’s Help Kids provides kids in financial stress with entertainment wishes to the movies, amusement parks, and sporting events and covers the extras like a pizza splurge or round of popcorn and drinks. We provide connection, context, and a Hollywood escape for kids and their families who need it most but can never hope to splurge.

If $2,842 sounds like your entertainment budget or maybe it’s $1,842, or $3,842 consider making a 1% donation (or more) on your personal entertainment budget item to Let’s Help Kids. Together we all enjoy the show.